How The Loan Ranger Can Save Policies In Peril

If you see clients starting to take out loans to pay premiums, do not assume they are suddenly going to repay the loan or start making premium payments.

October 2019 |  Read Article

Mind Your Mouse Clicks: DIY Estate-Planning War Stories

It takes just one wrong click to make a mess out of an estate plan.

September 2019 |  Read Article

Tech Is Key In Filling The Life Insuranace Gap

An end-to-end life insurance business model can help reach the 37 million households without coverage.

August 2019 |  Read Article

When A Simple ‘Thank You’ Keeps Your Best People Close

A marketer inspired by the University of Michigan’s life insurance policy play with head football coach Jim Harbaugh finds that a warm embrace can be good for retention.

July 2019 |  Read Article

A Revised AG 49 Could Help Clients Better Understand IUL

The renewed focus on AG 49 should be less about policing indexed universal life, and more about furthering client understanding of how the product really works and the different set of outcomes that are possible.

June 2019 |  Read Article

Life Insurance As The Bedrock Of Financial Discipline

Many clients will want to “get enough money together” before they execute any of these four financial disciplines. But they may be going about it backward.

May 2019 |  Read Article

Who Gets The Life Insurance? Not The Ex-Spouse, States Say

A Supreme Court decision revoking a beneficiary designation due to divorce may have ramifications that advisors need to address.

April 2019 |  Read Article

How To Tell Owners That Perm Is Not A Black Hole

Why permanent life insurance is the solution for many issues entrepreneurs face.

March 2019 |  Read Article

Now Is The Time To Update Your Clients’ Buy-Sell Agreements

Changes in the business environment over the past decade, combined with new life insurance products on the market, make this a good time to review older buy-sell agreements.

February 2019 |  Read Article

Why Are So Many Universal Life Insurance Policies Failing?

Neglect and lack of attention fuel most of the blame.

January 2019 |  Read Article

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