From Stay-At-Home Mom To Insurance Evangelist

How Sheryl Moore grew into one of the life and annuity industry’s leading product experts.

February 2020 |  Read Article

Suita-fiduciary? Where Insurance Regulation Is Going

New York’s Regulation 187 has many in the insurance industry worried about a tighter regulatory grip. But is there a middle way?

February 2020 |  Read Article

How Content Marketing Drives Real Results

Michael Brenner shows how empathy is the engine that motivates.

February 2020 |  Read Article

The Phoenix Of Albuquerque

Aprilyn Chavez Geissler rose from abuse and homelessness to achieve her dream and help other women achieve theirs.

January 2020 |  Read Article

Heart to Heart

How giving helps agents and companies build stronger connections to their neighbors.

January 2020 |  Read Article

How to Turn Mean People Into Raving Fans

Marketing expert Michael Brenner tells how to turn mean people into happy clients and co-workers.

January 2020 |  Read Article

Flipping the Script

Tony Lee moved to Hollywood to find success and he did — but not in the way he originally planned.

December 2019 |  Read Article

Between The End And The Beginning

What will history say about 2019 in terms of financial regulation and health care reform? We break down a year that is the end of one era and the beginning of another.

December 2019 |  Read Article

If Amazon Were An Insurance Agent It Would Do This

How Amazon makes decisions, moves fast and dominates business — and you can, too.

December 2019 |  Read Article

The Fighter

David Birnbaum is a formidable foe in advocating for insurance consumers.

November 2019 |  Read Article

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