Aim Annuity Messages At The 4 Sources Of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is at the root of why consumers aren’t buying annuities, behavioral researchers said.

January 2020 |  Read Article

Commentary: Ned Ryerson Is Just As Cool As Gordon Gekko

The millennial generation may be prime prospects for annuities in the future, as they saw what the stock market crash did to their parents’ portfolios.

December 2019 |  Read Article

Americans Fear Coming Up Short In Retirement

Studies show Americans are anxious about running out of money in retirement, but few have made an effort to determine their income needs.

November 2019 |  Read Article

Annuities In The Digital Age

More carriers are incorporating annuities into digital platforms. What advisors should know about this changing technology.

October 2019 |  Read Article

Annuities: Strategy vs. Product

Results of a recent study show advisors and consumers have different opinions of guaranteed income products.

September 2019 |  Read Article

How To Turn $500K Into $1.5M Worth Of Income And An Annuity

Maximizing retirement income is the holy grail for couples.

August 2019 |  Read Article

Why We Should Rethink Joint Payout Elections

Annuity income riders typically are structured to favor single lifespans. But does that make sense for married clients?

July 2019 |  Read Article

More Consumers Say Yes To Guaranteed Income

Research shows that when consumers are given a choice between receiving a lump sum and having guaranteed lifetime income, more of them have a favorable view of guarantees.

June 2019 |  Read Article

Structured Annuities Take Hold

Little did I know then that structured annuities would become the fastest-growing segment of the annuity industry.

June 2019 |  Read Article

How To Match An Annuity To A Retirement Need

Securing a reliable source of protected lifetime income is one way to help manage retirement risks and help clients alleviate a major retirement concern.

May 2019 |  Read Article

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