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What The Olympics Can Teach Advisors About Success

What can an Olympic-medalist swimmer teach us about working with clients?

Then you went on to your work life and were convinced that the older generations really needed to get out of the way. It’s the same story for every generation, right?

How to win, obviously. That is universal — it just takes a plan, a team and intense focus.

And, let’s face it, most insurance agents and financial planners are lousy at doing that for themselves. We tend to go it alone and go after the next thing and not look at the long haul. Sure, some do it well, but don’t we all wish we could plan, team-build and focus a whole lot better?

Paul Kingsman knows about it because he took his medal-winning ways to the world of financial planning to build a successful practice. Then he broadened into writing, coaching and speaking at events such as the MDRT annual meeting to help others learn how to do it.

Among his many awards, Kingsman won a bronze medal in the 1988 Olympics for New Zealand. When he retired from swimming, he went into financial advising. He is now based in South Carolina, using the lessons he learned from two decades of athletic training.

He has shared his methods of attaining focus in his book Distraction-Proof Advisor. In this interview with Publisher Paul Feldman, Kingsman tells how to create the conditions for success by getting the right mindset for planning.

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