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How to Turn Mean People Into Raving Fans

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right, from failing to connect with good prospects all the way to getting through the supermarket without wanting to bash someone with a frozen product?

Welcome to the “everything sucks” era. You are not the only one feeling that way, and Michael Brenner has an answer to why that might be happening — a lack of empathy. That is why customer service is more exasperating than helpful. People who are supposed to help are not looking at what you need, only at what will move you on down the line.

It is also why marketing sucks. The more disconnected we get from our prospects, the less human they seem. Facebook advertising can seem like an appeal to faceless mobs. Facing your next prospect is an exercise in overcoming their resistance to spending a moment away from a screen.

It starts with you, Brenner says. Are you making the connection that matters? Are you showing that you are worth talking to?

In his book Mean People Suck: How Empathy Leads To Bigger Profits And A Better Life, Brenner surveys the universe of suckitude and finds karma — what goes around, comes around. This is not a namby-pamby, new-agey thing, but the hard facts of how one person connects to another. It is the essence of sales and service.

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