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How To Be A Distraction-Free Advisor

Do you have what it takes to be an Olympic athlete?

Most people would probably say, “No.” Others might say, “Are you crazy?” And some might even say, “Yes.”

Those yaysayers probably have a secret weapon — two, actually: a plan and a schedule. The plan is the four-year map broken down into next year, next quarter and next month. The schedule is how you do it, day in and day out.

That is how Paul Kingsman got into the Olympics and won a bronze medal in swimming. And he says that is the way you can become a Distraction-Proof Advisor, which happens to be the name of his book.

In the first part of this interview in the October edition, Kingsman described how he journeyed from the Olympics to the world of advising. He started with Morgan Stanley in 2001, jumping into the financial services pool at one of the worst times in U.S. history.

But he kept focused and persevered not only to be successful, but as a speaker, author and sales coach, he also helps others develop focus and planning skills. He still advises clients, as well.

He realized that his ability to plan and focus was his superpower. But just how does he do it? Can you do it? Well, do you have 25 minutes?

That is all it takes to get on track. Of course, there is more to it, but not that much. Although the answer is simple, it is not necessarily easy.
In this interview with Publisher Paul Feldman, Kingsman shows how you can get in the pool every day and win in the Olympics in four years.

Read the full interview in our November Issuu online.

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