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How Content Marketing Drives Real Results

Empathy drives the best content marketing — and content marketing drives results in business today.

Last month, Michael Brenner explained how empathy helps build meaningful connection. In this installment, he expands on how empathy can add real value to content marketing, rather than act as an adjunct for advertising.   

Brenner acknowledges that ads are already empathetic, speaking to client needs. As a content marketer, Brenner argues there is more than just getting the ad right. After all, we all have been bombarded with ads, some great ones, in fact. We all have seen commercials that might have even brought a tear to our eye. But what was the product or service? We probably don’t even remember that.

Why? Because we know that it is a company trying to sell us something. The message — if there is one — does not get past that wall.

Engagement is on the level where trust lives. If we know the company or professionals can be trusted to do what they say they will do, we might take the next step. That trust is earned when we know those professionals know their stuff.

That message can’t be “Trust us, we know what we’re doing.” That expertise has to be demonstrated.

As CEO of the Marketing Insider Group, Brenner has helped more than 75 brands and many other professionals build business through real content marketing. Can you as an insurance agent or financial advisor break through the noise to rise to the top of the page when somebody Googles for a professional in your market?

Yes, you can be a leader in your own market, and in this discussion with Publisher Paul Feldman, Brenner explains how you can rise to top of mind through empathetic messaging.

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