Younger People Need LTC, Opening Coverage Gap

People under 65 and still working might not realize how much risk they face in LTC exposure.

January 2017 |  Read Article

How DI Can Be the Key to the Executive Boardroom

Making inroads with C-suite executives can open the door to larger sales.

December 2016 |  Read Article

Self-Insurance: Risks and Rewards

Self-funding health coverage can keep your clients from walking away.

November 2016 |  Read Article

How We Lost Only 0.4% of Our Clients to Competitors Last Year

This three-legged stool is the basis for happy clients and a successful niche practice.

October 2016 |  Read Article

Hillarycare Would Hurt Consumers, Industry, Agent Advocates Say

The idea of having a government-run health insurance plan competing with existing carriers is not sitting well with many in the industry.

September 2016 |  Read Article

HRAs Help Small Businesses Preserve Benefits, Save Money

Here is how to set up a strategy that can be used as a funding mechanism to improve a standard health reimbursement arrangement.

August 2016 |  Read Article

Group-to-Individual Migration Spurs Private Exchange Growth

Recent data shows that the shift away from group to individual health insurance coverage is underway, but is occurring at a slower rate than many experts predicted...

July 2016 |  Read Article

Broker Role Grows With the Adoption of Private Exchanges...

With the growing complexity of the benefits marketplace and a shifting regulatory environment, employers are increasing their reliance on knowledgeable advisors...

June 2016 |  Read Article

LTCi Carriers Look to Wellness Programs as an Investment

Long-term care policyholders who take advantage of wellness initiatives may find lower premium rate increases as a result...

May 2016 |  Read Article

Benefits That Matter: Give Workers Choices They Want

Many workers believe their employers could go further in the diversity of voluntary benefits offered in the workplace...

April 2016 |  Read Article