To Midlife and Beyond! Help Clients Thrive During the Journey

Your clients need a map to help them navigate their post-child-rearing years.

March 2015 |  Read Article

IUL Illustrations Need a Makeover

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners takes a look at crediting rates in IUL illustrations.

February 2015 |  Read Article

Illustrations May Be Misleading

Because illustration “math” is almost always based on assumed constant rates of return, advisors need to understand the mechanics of those assumptions.

January 2015 |  Read Article

Getting the ‘I’ out of ‘TEAM’

A client-focused solution to financial problems requires interaction and cooperation.

December 2014 |  Read Article

I’ll See Your Acronym and Raise You Two

Playing the “designation game” requires more than just knowing your ABCs.

November 2014 |  Read Article

A Do-It-Yourself Approach Can Lead to Spousal Social Insecurity

A financial advisor can help save a client’s retirement by guiding them toward the right Social Security claiming strategy that also takes a spousal benefit into consideration.

October 2014 |  Read Article

Back to the Future: Financial Intimacy

Despite the availability of advice online, research shows that consumers crave the human touch in financial decision-making.

September 2014 |  Read Article

Clients Want a ‘Dashboard’ Approach to Retirement Planning

Instead of constantly reacting to the financial news of the day, advisors and clients need to focus on two factors: projected retirement date and projected retirement income.

August 2014 |  Read Article

‘The Music Man’ as a Metaphor for Life (Insurance)

The debate over standards of care must end in a harmonious resolution.

July 2014 |  Read Article

Let Risk Tolerance Be Your Guide

A client’s risk tolerance is a crucial consideration in determining the type of insurance that best suits his needs.

June 2014 |  Read Article

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