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For the past 100 years, Washington has granted favorable tax treatment to key features of life insurance products, such as death benefits and the inside build-up of permanent life insurance. These products provide financial security, stability and peace of mind to 75 million Americans. Today, as Congress tackles the tough issue of tax reform, the tax treatment of life insurance is at risk. Everyone in the industry has an obligation to speak out and tell their representatives of the crucial role life insurance plays in the financial health of America.

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Public policy should encourage Americans to take responsibility for their financial future – not punish them for doing so. INNvolved.org is your source for all you need to be an advocate for the tax treatment of life insurance products. To the right, you will find links to:

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How and why did life insurance products receive favorable tax treatment in the first place? What’s at stake as Congress struggles with tax reform?

Read more in “The Taxers Are Coming!” in the March 2013 edition of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine.

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