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An Integrated Approach to Reaching the Hispanic Market

No life insurance agent is an island. Agents, particularly captive agents, function as part of a greater distribution chain. That chain is governed to a greater or lesser extent by the insurance companies with which they have contracts.

The most successful Hispanic marketing campaigns come from an integrated approach to the insurance-buying process, according to Felipe Korzenny, director emeritus of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University.

In a 2006 research paper titled “Trends in Marketing Insurance to Hispanics,” Korzenny cited MetLife, Allianz, New York Life, Prudential and Nationwide among the life insurers reaching out to the Hispanic community with advertising and branding campaigns.

Property/casualty insurers also have undertaken nationwide marketing campaigns, with varying levels of success.

Korzenny revealed the model for the integration sequence that reinforces the Hispanic connection at every touch point.

The process unfolds something like this.

It starts when a prospect sees a life insurance company sponsoring a community event.

The would-be buyer returns home to check the insurer’s website, which explains — in Spanish — the different life insurance products the company offers.

The prospect picks up the phone and calls the toll-free number, and a bilingual customer service representative answers.

Later that week, a well-known Hispanic actor, athlete or celebrity — Selena Gomez, for example — explains the value of life insurance in a television commercial.

Returning to the insurer’s website, the consumer learns there are Spanish-speaking agents nearby.

The buyer and his family walk into the Main Street office of a Hispanic agent, who offers them premium coffee (most likely from Central America).

Companies that create “culturally relevant messages” and then communicate those messages to the Hispanic consumer will be more successful in marketing insurance to the Hispanic market, Korzenny wrote.


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