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A Goal Not Written Down Is Merely a Wish

We’re still early enough into 2017 to fine-tune your plan for a successful year. The year will bring many great opportunities for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. By adhering to a few simple do’s and don’ts, you can achieve personal success this year.




Set goals. Embrace the Million Dollar Round Table’s Whole Person concept. Set spiritual, family, business, financial and health goals. Be specific about those goals, and make them measurable.


Set both regular and “stretch” goals. Your regular goals should be what you plan to attain with consistent effort.  Set a stretch goal that is about 10 percent to 20 percent higher in each category. That way, when you achieve your objectives early, you can really hit it out of the park.


Write down your goals (as well as just about everything else that’s important to you). Leave your brilliant mind free to focus on achieving, not on having to remember things. A goal not written down is merely a wish.  


Announce your goals to your closest friends and family. Engage them in supporting you, and ask them for what you need.


Hold yourself accountable. Better yet, have someone else hold you accountable. Monitor your results daily, weekly and monthly. Track your progress, and make adjustments. 


Engage with mentors. Find individuals who are proven successes in each area you want to master. Ask for their help and for their agreement to meet with you periodically (meeting virtually is fine). Do what they do. Embrace their suggestions.


Commit to engaging with more people. This means performing the requisite number of phone calls, contacts, meetings, closes and new transactions.


Manage your time rigorously. High achievers have exactly the same amount of time you do. Achieving results comes from focusing on high-value activities — and delegating everything else.


Stay positive. Optimists tend to be correct over the long haul, while pessimists usually are wrong. Be a beacon of optimism to others around you.


Practice the law of attraction, knowing you’ll get more of what you focus on the most. Think of yourself as a magnet for the right people and opportunities at all times.


Be generous. Serve your community and profession. Take on a needed position. Better yet, take on a leadership role.


Be an example to others in everything you do. Realize that people are watching. It matters how you act and what you do in your daily life. Strive to show your best self at all times.


Be charitable. Commit to giving a meaningful part of your income away to causes you care about. You can’t outgive the universe.


Stay patient. Everything you need to achieve your objectives is within your grasp.




Don’t take shortcuts. Do what’s required honestly and with integrity. 


Don’t go it alone. Assemble a team and delegate to that team.


Don’t lose faith. There’s a 100 percent certainty you will experience challenges in life. The greater the goal, the greater those challenges will be. Embrace them and work through them.


Don’t rush.  Stay purposeful, and don’t miss an opportunity because you’re in a hurry.


Don’t take no for an answer. Be sure your actions, ideas, and recommendations are founded on logic and on what’s right. Be passionate about them, and

others will come around.


Don’t lose focus. There will be times when your commitment will waiver or you simply will not be as strong. At such times, change your “state” by walking around, exercising or going outside for a while. 


Don’t argue for your limitations. Get the words “can’t” and “try” out of your vocabulary. You can do anything you set your mind to.


Don’t worry — especially about things you can’t control. Do not concern yourself about things you can’t impact personally.


Don’t give up. No matter how late it is in the race, run hard through the finish line. You’ll be amazed at what happens during those last few yards.


May 2017 be your best year ever!


J. Leland “Lee” Davis is a managing director and financial advisor at JL Davis Financial, an advisory practice of Ameriprise located in Denver, Colo. He may be contacted at [email protected]

LUTCF, is a Top of the Table member with multiple Court of the Table qualifications over his 25 years of Million Dollar Round Table membership. He and Jeremy L. Davis, CFP, ChFC (a Court of the Table qualifying MDRT member), are partners in the Colorado-based wealth advisory firm J.L. Davis Financial Corp. [email protected].

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