1. The Feldman Mission

    The Feldman Mission

    Marv Feldman followed up his successful life insurance sales career with a new mission and a greater sales pitch – to inform the American people about the importance of life insurance.

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The Top 3 Reasons a Life Claim Can Be Denied

Navigating the myths and realities of what can cause a life insurance claim or policy to be invalidated is tricky.

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An Integrated Approach to Reaching the Hispanic Market

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Companies Cutting Commissions From New Fixed Indexed Annuities

By stripping out agent commissions from its new FIA product, a carrier is appealing to fee-only registered investment advisors.

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How Annuity Compensation Will Change Under DOL Rule

The best interest contract exemption theoretically allows advisors to continue selling fixed indexed and variable annuities on a commission basis. But being in compliance could be tricky.

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Hillarycare Would Hurt Consumers, Industry, Agent Advocates Say

The idea of having a government-run health insurance plan competing with existing carriers is not sitting well with many in the industry.

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How to Manage the Seven Risks to Clients’ Retirement Income

Help your clients navigate these hazards to their retirement portfolio.

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LIMRA Insights

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Grow Your Practice While Helping Clients Shrink the Protection Gap

Three in five households have no life insurance or not enough coverage. Which households hold the most opportunity for advisors?

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The Blue Ocean Strategy to Growing Your Practice Tenfold

By putting the concept of “value innovation” to work, you can deliver an unparalleled client experience and render your competition obsolete.

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