1. Get Inspired

    Get Inspired

    Advisors representing different career stages share what has inspired them to persevere in the business, and how that inspiration has impacted their practice.

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Insurance for Life: the Case for Accelerated Benefit Riders

A brush with death causes an advisor to take a look at the financial burden that can come with surviving a sudden illness.

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Love and Remarriage: How to Avoid Pitfalls

Life insurance can help your clients avoid financial and estate planning pitfalls that may be lurking as they walk down the aisle again.

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How to Prevent Becoming the Next ‘Annuity Burglar’

Advisors can head off potential problems by integrating compliance-related activities into their business routines.

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Dismiss 5 Myths Blocking Annuity Sales

Understanding the changing demographics of annuity purchasers can increase your sales.

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How to Fill the Gap Between Exchanges and Rising Premiums

This strategy can keep employees and employers happy by saving 10 to 20 percent in costs.

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How to Explain Hedge Funds

Hedge funds have a mystical quality to some investors. Here is the reality that you need to tell your clients.

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The Last Word

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Break into the HR Office

This month’s Last Word is “guest written” by Monty Smith, who may sound familiar.

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How to Get Eight or More Referrals Now

Here is an action plan to obtain a list of referrals from every prospect or client.

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