1. Celebrity Advisors Tell All!

    Celebrity Advisors Tell All!

    Some advisors lead not-so-secret double lives as media celebrities. Here’s how they got their on-air and online gigs, and how their media presences have helped them position themselves as experts in their fields.

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  2. Celebritize! Your Business

    Celebritize! Your Business

    An interview with Nick Nanton What if you were so famous that you could make sales without having to appear in person? Emmy Awardwinning filmmaker Nick Nanton tells InsuranceNewsNet Publisher Paul Feldman how to market your practice in such a way that you become a celebrity in your own community.

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Five Life Insurance Horror Stories With Happy Endings

From an early payment that cost a client 19 years of coverage to a blunder that almost cost a client $1 million, the lessons learned from these cautionary tales can help you be a hero to your clients.

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Life Insurance Solution to the Long-Term Care Crisis

The rising cost of living longer may lead consumers to consider life insurance with accelerated benefit riders as an option. The rising cost of living longer may lead consumers to consider life insurance with accelerated benefit riders as an option.

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In-Plan Annuities Climbing The Popularity Charts

As more retirement plan participants select guaranteed income options, advisors and employers need to take notice.

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Annuities’ Solution to the LTC Crisis

New products pairing annuities with long-term care coverage overcome many of the price and use-it-or-lose-it objections.

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Brokers Rise Above Health Insurance to Become Indispensable Advisors

Health insurance advisors are defying predictions of their obsolescence. In the process of remaining relevant, they are taking on more roles than ever before.

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A Retirement Prequel: Get Your Clients Off to the Right Start

Some of the most crucial decisions your clients make will occur in the year or so before they retire. Here’s how you can guide them on the journey.

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The Last Word

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Stop Treating Financial Institutions Like Petty Thieves

The language and complexity of the financial services industry continue to intimidate consumers and prevent them from taking action.

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Want Fries With That Life Policy? Upselling by Cross-Selling

Waitstaff in restaurants seem to have no problem with asking whether we “want fries with that.” So why do insurance professionals struggle with cross-selling products to clients?

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